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Start NPC:

Noble Madam - Elim

Quests Needed:
  1. or
  2. Persuasion of Amelia Quest
Repeatable: Not Repeatable

Previous Quest: None
Next Quest: None


Madam's Recommendation
  • Talk to Amelia in front of Brandon's house in Madelin to get inside.
  • Talk to Brandon. He will give you directions and a pass to go to Clements Mine
  • Talk to Amelia again to receive an Aleph's Crystal.
  • Travel to Zaid and go north east to the entrance of Clements Mine.
  • Talk to the Travel Agent in Zaid. You will give her the pass and she will warp you to level 3 of the mine. There are no mobs in this map.
  • Talk to the [NPC]Corpse in the Air. Break the Aleph's Crystal Amelia gave you and listen to her story.
  • Return to Brandon to complete the quest.

  • As a note, Brandon is "Marcus" in other country.

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