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All classes can use combos, however Warriors are the only class that can preform a 20 Hit Combo. In order to learn this skill, you must do a quest.

Learning Great Sword Combo 2

  • Requirement

- Level 70 Warrior

- SP 8

  • Method

- Talk to the Warrior Instructor and choose "Great Sword Combo 2" he will tell you that he isn't good enough to teach.

- Go to Zaid and talk to [NPC]Aaron. He will make you fight his pet, LV72 Bubble Dragon.

- Once you beat it, talk to Aaron again and he will teach you Great Sword Combo 2. Yay!


15 Hit Combo Great Sword Combo 2. lvl 1


16 Hit Combo Great Sword Combo 2. lvl 2


17 Hit combo Great Sword Combo 2. lvl 3


18 Hit Combo Great Sword Combo 2. lvl 4


21 Hit Combo Great Sword Combo 2. lvl 5



  • Basic combos will not be included in this guide, but can be found here.
  • When using a 21 hit combo, it's most likely that the monster being attacking will already be dead. However, you can continue your combo on another monster if you're being mobbed.
Example: You've been mobbed by two mobs at the same time. When you use Combo on the first monster and you try to use the 21 hit Combo, D-S-A-S-D-S-A-S-D-S-A ... the first monster died already. What you can do is target monster 2 immediately and continue the combo S-D-S-A-S-D-D-D-D. This will come in very useful because you will be mobbed a lot in the game and most of the time you won't have time to finish a 21 hit combo before the monster dies. It's much more efficient if you master this technique.
  • The advantage to this combo is the higher Hit Combo = Faster Attack speed and more attack bonus. If you start all over the Attack speed and Attack Bonus goes back to 0.
  • After finishing these combos your XP gauge will be automatically full.

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