Warrior Build (Create and translate by Lunarez, Thai server player.)

Slaying their foes with great swords and hunts the evils with might and strength. For the reason of easy playing and suitable for newbies (and awesome clothes), Warrior becomes the most popular in every server of seal online.

There're 3 build for a warrior that commonly be found ,Str build ,Critical build ,and HP build.

STR Build Warrior

With the powerful strength, slice their enemies with incredible power and speed. STR warrior's stats are based on STR, with a few amount on AGI for equipments. Their attack have a very good damage, but

  • Awesome damage by the stats that put every spare point to STR.
  • Have average defence if have some good upgraded armors.
  • The most easiest build for newbs. Easily play.


  • Low accuracy and critical rate
  • Low HP (Around 2000 at lvl 80 with no HP equipment)
  • Need both HP and AP pots in leveling

Critical Build Warrior

Instead of attacking with their brutal force, Critical warrior mainly base on AGI for their accuracy and critical rate. Even that their damages aren't as strong as STR warrior, the double damage of critical strike made their combos become very effective. Suitable for berserker class changing.

Stats : Switch between 3 STR and 3 AGI. (Exp: level 1 you put 3 STR , and when you become level 2 , put all 3 points to AGI)

Skill : Suitable for All Combo skills.(GS Combo,GS Combo2,Master Combo). Spare some SP on Enrage for Atk Bonus and Accelation for moving spd. Don't forget to max Concentrate for fast XP gain.

Suitable Accessories : Wings are the most suitable for Critical warrior which depends on their combo. They gift you some ATK Spd and DEF so you can handle the damage you gain from the mobs. If you think you're tough enough, use Warrior Piya Glove which gives you no DEF but a lot of ATK and ATK Spd.


  • Good accuracy and critical rate, your attack miss less often than STR one.
  • Need less AP pots in leveling.
  • Exciting and fun becuz you have to use combo.
  • Quickest HP regenerate while you sleep.


  • Low ATK
  • Low HP (Around 2000 at lvl 80 with no HP equipment)
  • Need a lot of HP pots

HP Build Warrior Opposite side of other build that empowering their attack, HP warrior is good at DEF and have a lot of HP. Their HP are as much as Knight, maybe greater, because the reason that warrior get much HP than Knight for a VIT. (Knight get 35 HP per VIT, Warrior get 40). However, your DEF can't compare with the pure tanker like knight. HP warrior is suitable for the one who usually leveling with his parties.

Stats : Switch between "2 STR + 1 VIT" and "1 STR + 1 AGI + 1 VIT"

Skill : Suitale for Hurricane Skills(Hurricane Slash and Blazing Slash) and Intimidate skill. If you love in soloing, learn combos instead.

Suitable Accessories : Anything that give you a lot of DEF.


  • Huge amount of HP
  • Have good defence


  • Low accuracy and critical rate
  • Low ATK
  • Need a parties because your damage is so poor

Guide by Lunarez You can edit if anything wrong :)

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