Couple weeks ago was another historical event for eSO because Seal Online Plus was officially closed (all previous character in this game is wiped out but the original account remain intact) and Seal Online Eternal Destiny (SOED) was launched on 5th October.

There is two new server called Bereth and Ramos (there is no more PK Zone like the old one and you need to create new character for each server). Besides that, there is a new feature called Unison Server where all people from Seal Online can gather up here (need help on this because i didn't test the server yet, so probably i gave wrong information).

Even though the new job isn't introduced yet (I think it was hunter or archer) but there's a lot new items for SOED players.

Not only that, most of the loots are different from the original Seal Online and also the Chinese or Indonesia SO (so their items drop guides and eSO wikia are useless in SOED).

Because of that, i'll need help from the community to update eSO wikia. If anyone got any useful info regarding SOED, feel free to email me at zooldevil[at] or directly update this wikia.

My current character is Ginji (Bereth server) -- Craftman LVL 7x

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