The Trail of Heroes Quest Chart
Whereabouts of Heroes Quest
Arus Signature Quest Claire Signature Quest Baldea Signature Quest Duran Signature Quest
Rosanne's Request Quest
Slay's Request Quest
The First Knight Quest
Four Heroes Signature Quest

The Trail of Heroes Quest

The Trail of Heroes Quest is a main quest that can be started at level 15. It involves getting four signatures from the heroes of Shiltz. Arus' and Claire's signatures are available without fighting and can be done straight away. Baldea's signature requires traveling through Clements Mine 1F which won't be comfortable until your character is in their 40s or unless you have help getting there - you can't be summoned in caves, but you can be escorted by higher level characters. Duran's signature requires beating Lioner which won't be comfortable until your character can survive his multiple hit attacks or again, if you have help.

PS: small guide needed for the small task after accomplished the main quest.



Items: You will need 1 Silver (Dropped by Tarantula's, found in Crude Dungeon) , 1 Gold (Dropped by Crows, found south of Zaid), Cegel to pay the Wagon Driver fees for warping and another 100 Cegel for the drink for Arus .

Quest Table

  • The main quest should be completed in the following order.
Quest NPC Exp Fame Cegel Other Rewards

Whereabouts of Heroes Quest

Iris 20
Arus Signature Quest D.Heroend 12750 900
Claire Signature Quest D.Heroend 12750 900
Baldea Signature Quest D.Heroend 12750 900
Rosanne's Request Quest Rosanne


Find Janet Quest Janet

Eagle Crest Emotion Duransig

Slay's Request Quest Slay 20 Chilled Blue Liquor x1
The First Knight Quest Rosanne 12750 1100
Four Heroes Signature Quest D.Heroend 50000 10000

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