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| Snorkel of Horse || Snorkel of Horse || || 35 || || 25 || 5 || || || || || 75
Snorkel of Horse is an Accessory. It can be equipped by All Classes.
Lvl Dmg Def Magic Pwr Aspd Acc Crit Evade Mspd
75 None 35 25 5 None None None None



Dropped By

(A)Humbug, 「A」Bah Bah, Soul Collector MK Raid(Silver Box)
G -> Three Piglets Raid(Silver Box)

Purchased From


Made From: (Scrolls)

Snorkel of Horse
Snorkel of Horse
Normal / G / DG / XG
Purchase Price Unknown
Sale Price Unknown
Level Req. 75
Fame Req. None
Refine Yes
Type Mask

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