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| Shield of the Eastern Star || Shield of the Eastern Star || 119 || || || -5 || || || || 210 || 72 || || || || 136
Shield of the Eastern Star is an Armor. It can be equipped by Knight.
Lvl Def Magic Pwr Damage Aspd Crit Acc Evade Mspd
136 119 None None -5 None None None None



Dropped By

Rascal Rabbit Gladiator

Purchased From


Made From: (Scrolls)

Shield of the Eastern Star
Shield of the Eastern Star
Normal / G / DG / XG
Purchase Price Unknown
Sale Price Unknown
Level Req. 136
Req. Str 210
Req. Agi 72
Req. Int Unknown
Req. Wis Unknown
Req. Luk Unknown
Req. Fame Unknown
Refine Yes
Type Shield

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Unknowns:Ironclad Bulwark | Large Pumpkin Shield | Pastry Shield | Fish Man's Shield | Wrestler's Shield | Ancient Shield

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