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| Safari Shoes || Safari Shoes || 34 || || || 22 || || || || 97 || 144 || 144 || || || 180
Safari Shoes is an Armor. It can be equipped by Jester.
Lvl Def Magic Pwr Damage Aspd Crit Acc Evade Mspd
180 34 None None 22 None None None None



Dropped By


Purchased From


Made From: (Scrolls)

Safari Shoes
Safari Shoes
Normal / G / DG / XG
Purchase Price Unknown
Sale Price Unknown
Level Req. 180
Req. Str 97
Req. Agi 144
Req. Int 144
Req. Wis Unknown
Req. Luk Unknown
Req. Fame Unknown
Refine Yes
Type Shoes

Jester Armor
Quickness Set | Disguise Set | Puppet Set | Laughter Set | Wanderer's Set | Talent Set | Dancing Set | Laureate's Set | Renaissance Set | Harlequin's Set | Jester Armor/GT Set | Gorgeous Set| Safari Set

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