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Mandatory Skills

Skill Level
Sword combo 3
Chivalry 3+
Cross Sword 3
Holy Cross 5 or 10
Southern Cross As high as possible
Grand Cross As high as possible

Optional Skills

Skill Level
Provoke 3
Infinity Guard Varying

Skill Build Explained

  • Infinity Guard adds 15+13 defense for each level you have on the skill.
  • As for why to get Holy Cross to level 10. A level 10 Holy Cross will deal 1180% of your damage while a level 5 will do a mere 590%. There is a big damage difference and it will make it much easier than waiting until level 85 to get a Southern Cross that deals 1170% of your damage.


A 2:1 ratio of STR:AGI with a good helping of 5VIT. Although one will hit less because of the 5 points invested in VIT, one will be able to take more damage and last longer, which helps in no potion PvP matches.


Recommended taking a FULL ARMOR SET. With a recent patch in jSO, full armored knights have gotten a HUGE advantage by gaining attack, defense and attack speed for wearing a full armor set. Even before the patch, knights with full armor sets still had a huge advantage in defense over those that went with a Bat Man Mask and/or Boots of the Wind although they lack in speed and damage. Try to refine your armor to +3 at level 43+, it is VITAL to your survival. adding +3 to all of your armor from +0 will give you 45(?) defense.


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