Outer Wall of Lime
This map is also called Outer lines of Lime.
Connected Maps Monsters

Lime (West)

Upstream of Mimir River
Upstream of Mimir River (Northwest)

(Skilled) Mage Piya, (Skilled) Cleric Piya,
(Influential) Knight Piya,(Influential) Warrior Piya, Mage Piya, Cleric Piya, Knight Piya, Warrior Piya

Rare Items
Blacksmith Items
Bright Stone : Armor Pieces, Gold Dust, Anthracite
Impure Stone : Iron, Gold, Bituminous Coal
Green Pine Tree(A) : Man's Senility, Mark of Sage, Soul of Great Magician, Peat
Green Pine Tree(B) : Piya's Unfertilized Egg, Compression Bandage, Mark of Great Sage, Soul of Swordsman

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