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Mount Trevia
Take the east warp out of Elim. The teleport command for this map is /Travia Mountain.
Connected Maps Monsters

Elim (West)

Cross Lake
Cross Lake (East)

Dungeon Crud
Dungeon Crud (South)

Samba Cactus, Conceited Ostrich, Sandy Windy, Meow-gician

Rare Items
Blacksmith Items
White Stone : Crystal of Vinagh, Solarstone, Anthracite, Crystal, Ruby
Impure Stone : Crystal of Vinagh, Illuminating Crystal, Solarstone, Bituminous Coal
Shield Tree : Spirit of Cat, Cactus Flower, Cat Cry
Dry Tree : Shell of Ostrich Egg, Soul of Great Mage, Red Dye
Dry Tree from Mountain : Spirit of Cat, Heart of Wind
Tropical Tree : Lucky Card, Red Dye, Peat

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