Zaid's Melting NPC

Melting rikon
Melting Window
Melting zaid
Craftman's Melting Skill

There are actually 2 different melting skills, one can be performed by talking to the NPC in Zaid and one is a learned skill by Craftsman. The two melting's are quite different, but they perform a similar purpose, basically it takes a piece of equipment and destroys it in order to get different items from it.

  • NPC Melting requires an item that is atleast +3 in order to melt while Craftsman Melting requires an item that is atleast +5.
  • When successful NPC Melting gives you Rune Stones, while Craftsman Melting returns Gems from the item (ex. a +7 [Earth] weapon melted by a craftsman has a chance of returning 3 Crystal, 3 Rubies, 1 Diamond and 1 Brown Soil, while a +5 Hat would have a chance to return 3 Crystals and 2 Rubies at most)

Here's the downsides:

  • NPC melting costs well into the millions of cegel for larger items and typically doesn't give more than a 50% chance of getting any Rune Stones
  • Craftsman Melting has an incredibly low success rate because there's a slot for additional Catalysts that don't exist in the English version of SEAL yet. So you can only use this skill with the base success rate at this moment. Typically if you melt a +5 item don't expect to get much more back than a single Ruby until usable Catalysts become available. Use it at your own risk.ok?!?

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