●You will find no place with more happiness and laughter than Madelin. The leader of the Circus lives here. To make his people happy, the Circus Leader gather many jesters and clowns of different abilities and settled them here. When you're feeling down or upset, visit Madelin for a good time!

Beginners come here to change into Jesters.

Terrain Flat, Pavement Description To warp here, just type /madelin
Classes Jester and Craftsman Recommended Lv. 15∼30, 50∼100
Warp Areas North: East of Laywook Forest
East: Adel Monastery
South:Glasis Plains, Upstream of Glasis River
Buildings Circus, Tower of Training, Tavern, Bank, Equipment Shop, Item Shop, Quest Center, Madelin Church, Fortune Teller's House, Brandon's House, The Stage.

Main Buildings

Circus Circus
Lets all go to the Circus! Meet Silvein, the birds trainer!
Madelin Tower of Training Tower of Training
Jesters learn all of their advanced skills they need here. Also maybe have a haircut instead.
Madelin Tavern Tavern
Speak to Johnny Walker to have a drink and find your low to high grade HP and MP recovery items.
Bank of Madelin Bank
A place to store all your valuable treasures.
Madelin Equipment Shop Equipment Shop
Jester Weapons and Armor can be bought here.
Madelin Item Shop Item Shop
Advance Healing items are sold by Shiria inside. Or speak to Jester Merchant to buy Darts or Cards. There's Pet Trainer too.
Madelin Quest Center Quest Center
Complete quests for the High Level Quest Manager.
Madelin Church Madelin Church
Be a good citizen and come help Erantess to feed the children at the church.
Fortune Teller's House Fortune Teller's House
Looking to have your fortune told? Come see Shina to learn about your future.
Brandon's House Brandon's House
The home of Brandon. You will end up speaking with him at some point in the Bale's Disappearance Quest.
Madelin Stage The Stage
Take part in special in-game events held at the stage to ensure a fun and entertaining time.

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