To change into knight you need to be lvl 10 and have/get 2 eggs. Then you need to talk to the old guy who is break dancing in elim (bottom right corner on map), after you talk to him a bit you should have a quest item, then talk to the guy in front of the doors of the building right next to the break dancing old man. Congrats you are a knight xD.

Alright here are a few builds for knights.

If your the solo kind of person and choose 1v1 then i suggest lvl 5 bash and if you want one of the two defensive skills, as for stats just up str and agi, and maby a few in vit.

If your the mobbing kind of person i suggest going for a cross skill and a defensive skill if you want. For an AOE knight go for str and agi, and some vit if you feel it neccisary.

You can also mix and match skills but i suggest sticking with one of these two. If the grand cross build is used effectivly it can lead to fast lvling.

Also note if you have a pet your attack/defense will have a dramatic increase. In fact you should have one, and make it one that adds att and def.

Update 1

Note: that all the cross skills damage is based on str.

Do not get a defensive skill unless you are really sure you want it. It really helps alot, but there lvl requirement is high.

Pets are seriously needed after lvl 45, but should be used befor then. If you are playing a forgien seal online or are just new to seal, i suggest getting a seed and sticking with it because fame is a serious issue with pets, the seed has the lowest fame requirements in all its stages. I suggest this because unless you can read that forgien language or have good friends you will have a tough time getting 20k fame by doin quests which is normal for most pets other then the seed.

Save those sp! You need them soooo much i suggest focusing on one skill until a hi lvl requirment is needed to lvl it up, at that time move on to another skill until you have reached the lvl needed to lvl up the first skill you started with.

Other then the knight skills only get combat combo lvl max (beginner skill), banking, and trading if desired... get partying only if you feel the need for it.
Make another character and get him refining, banking, and fishing. This way you can use this char to refine/upgrade your main char's equips, fish while you are afk, and to save sp.

Knights only need str and dex, unless you plan to pvp, and if you plan on pvpin i suggest you get 10-20 vit max. This is so you can survive a strong hit from magic in pvp.

Update 2

Knigts are really good in all aspects except magic of course. You have two good options that i know so far in equipment.

If you love defense then you will be happy to hear that if you have a full set of armor equiped you gain a defense bonus depending on the armor equiped, and trust me its ALOT, 10 and up. Note that you have to have the same kind of armor set to get this defense bonus, you cannot have different kinds of armor equiped and still recive the bonus. Also note that the shield and sword do not effect the defense bonus, so that means u can use any sword/shield and still recive the defense bonus as long as you have a full set of the same armor. This build gives you serious defense and allows you to stock up on money because you will need less potions due to the fact the monsters will be doing sad damage to you.

Now for those of you who love strength/attack i suggest you use a batman mask that has some good extra stats, a pet that gives alot of attack and or defense bonus, and you should use the lvl 18 knight boots (boots of wind) as they add 30 aspd were most other boots only add 15. Also you have a choice between wings or tails at lower lvls, and later on claws.

For wings start with bat wings (lvl 20), then wings (lvl 30), then move on to inccubus/scubbus wings (lvl 46 scubbus, lvl 51 inccubus). Then mariel/gariel wings (lvl 95 gariel, lvl 100 mariel). (Note: that the incc/scubb wings and the mariel/gariel wings are two different versions, one version having better stats then the other but requiring a higher lvl to use.) Using the wings you gain a great deal of defense power, attack speed, a crit bonus, and even skill speed that lets you use your skills over and over again at seriously fast speeds.

Now for the tails you have tail (lvl 29) and burning tail (lvl 43). Tails add attack and defense as well as crit. Using a tail can mean the difference between a 1 hit KO (using tail) or a 2 hit KO (using wings).

For the claws you can use the beginner ones and then move on to the titan claw (lvl 85), emporer claw (lvl 13, black claw (lvl 160), and claw of Lei K'anlei (lvl 172). Claws vary in the stats they add and subtract, but two stats all claws add are attack and critical.

And finally for this build use a shield that dosent subtract or instead adds aspd. These shields are invisible shield (lvl 26), ghost shield (lvl 30), mithril shield (lvl 59), and orion shield (lvl 65)...

Update 3

Fully updated!

Tip: The best pet for a knight is the dragon pet from the bird egg. (Blue haired girl like pet).

Note: Different SO versions have different stats on thier equips


sorry ur an ass they use agi not dex

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