Lime (Raim) is a small town. The people of Lime built the town with their own hands. Lime is said to be "the safest town in the world of Shiltz." The townspeople of Lime are simple folk who enjoy a good drink every now and then in the pub and treat each other with kindness. Soldiers can often be found patrolling the town. Their greetings are composed of smiles and politeness.

Lime is home to the Citizen's Militia. Those who wish to become a Warrior come here to train.

Terain Flat, Grassy Description To warp back to Lime type /lime
Classes Warrior Recommended Lv. 1~30
Warp Areas North: Crude Mountain Range
East: Outer Wall of Lime
West: Forest of Silon
South: Upstream of Mimir River
Buildings Militia, Tavern, Item Shop, Battle Arena, Quest Center, Tower of Training (Warrior), Book Store, Bank, Warrior Equipment Shop, Travel Agency, Street Merchant, Interrogation Room

Main Buildings

Lime Citizen's Milita Militia
This is where all warriors and mercenaries go to. Mercs is more like a title for more quests and such regardless of your original class. Here you can meet Janet and Jack, the Milita citizens.
Lime Tower of Training Tower of Training (Warrior)
This is spot where you first appear if you choose Lime as your starter town. Right outside is the beggar/bum who teaches you your essential beginner skills such as combos,trades and sleep. Here you can meet Hegel and Aesa.
Lime Street Merchant Street Merchant
Low level food items can be bought here.
Lime Library Library
All the vast knowledge of Shiltz can be found here. Speak to Kant, the librarian of Lime.
Lime Tavern Tavern
Speak to Whisky to buy Low level Food and water for HP and MP recovery.
Lime Item Shop Item Shop
Advance Healing items are sold by Lea inside. Also speak to the Pet Trainer here to evolve your pet or quest purpose.
Lime Quest Center Quest Center
Speak to the Quest Center Manager to provide your quests depending on your level and fame, they are mostly scavenger hunt quests. Like for example collect 30 of said items and return for reward of money,fame and experience.
Bank of Lime Bank
May learn the bank skill as well as deposit items and money. All characters share the same bank they can be accessed after reaching level 6 and they require a pin code. You must not forget this pin code or else it will be extremely difficult to get it back.
Lime Equipment Shop Warrior Equipment Shop
Low level Armor and Weapons are sold here mainly for Warriors and some non-class equipment sold as well. Speak to Theo to buy Weapons or to Peterson (Lime) to buy Equipment.
Lime Training Field Battle Arena
Beginners are sent here to find their inner strength in order to be deemed a Warrior. Note: Be sure to bring food for healing as the monster inside is difficult and may require a lot of healing to survive.

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