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Teleport Command: /To End of Land* (With a space afterwards)
Connected Maps Monsters

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Aleph Dungeon 1F
Midstream of Mimir River
Midstream of Mimir River

Steel Golem, Knight of Darkness, Aleph, High Nixie, Snow Princess

Rare Items
Blacksmith Items
Pine Tree in Snowfield : Mark of Great Sage, Lucky Card, Mark of Dean, Peat
Bright Stone in Snowfield : Gold Dust, Crystal of Nixie, Lignite, Brown Coal, Ruby, Diamond
Impure Stone in Snowfield : Starfish, Crystal of Nixie, Snake Skin, Lignite
Green Pine Tree : Mark of Vampire, Heart of Golem, Aleph's Crystal, Peat
Bright Stone : Star Fish, Crystal of Dean, Mark of Erasnets, Anthracite, Crystal, Ruby, Diamond
Impure Stone : Blue Crystal, Crystal of Dean, Bituminous Coal, Ruby
A Piece of Black Rock : Blue Crystal, Aleph's Crystal, Lignite, Anthracite

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