Lake Cross
The teleport command for this map is /Cross Lake.
Connected Maps Monsters

Travia Mountain
Travia Mountain

Saloa, Gun, White Stiff Horse, Mr. Catfish

Boy named Sate Quest
Rare Items
Blacksmith Items
White Stone : Special Metal, Crystal of Hokma, Anthracite, Brown Coal, Ruby
Impure Stone : Special Metal, Lignite, Bituminous Coal, Crystal, Ruby, Diamond
Fantasy Grandpa Tree : Boiling Blood, Soul of Clown, Head of Stiff Horse
Fantasy Cloud Bridge Tree : Eagle Feather, Horseshoe, Peat
Fantasy Willow : Boiling Blood, Peat
Fantasy Mushroom Tree : Crystal of Dean, Mark of Dean
Fantasy Tropical Tree : Fallen Spirit, Mark of Hokma, Peat
Fantasy Cross Tree : White Base, Head of Stiff Horse, Peat
Round Vine : Crystal of Dean, Horseshoe
Round Cedar : Mermaid's Bubble, Peat
Fantasy Flower : Fairy's Seduction, Peat

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