Blacksmith's Cooperative Society, E5


Kane is an NPC.


Kane is one of the Main Protagonists on the game. In the future, he will be replacing Arus as Commander of Lion Knights. Before the story happens, Kane is quite a stubborn yet hard-headed person which the Lion Knights expelled him from the Knight Order due to unfitted attitude. He become the leader of the group of five that consists of Aesa, Manuel, Sate, Silvein and himself. Each of them has their own goals as Kane was to travel further and meeting with worthy opponent.

When the group was kidnapped somewhere between 310 and 315, Kane and Silvein attempted to rescue them but during the rescue mission Silvein sacrifice herself and died. Her death makes Sate grows with hatred towards Kane and eventually Sate leave his group and becoming Balie Strategist, assembling plan to defeat Kane. The first plan was failed after ambushing him at Clements Mine but later, Kane lead his group independently to assault Sage Tower where Sate is. Players will encounter them on the fifth floor of Sage Tower before battling Sate.

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