Also look at Guild Battle League.

Requirement for Guild Wars

  • Only Guild Master with level 4 and above guild can register for Guild Wars
  • Can only invite the guilds with level 3 and above (in other word, only level 3+ guild may participated in the Guild Wars, however level 3 and below guild may not register for Guild Wars)
  • You will need at least 6 participants. If during the battle, the particpant number is less than six, the appropriate guild will automatically lose

Before the Guild Wars

  • Before the battle starts, both side can discuss on how much to put the bet for the reward for the winner, the bet can range from the minimum of 1 million to the maximum of 1 billion
  • The bidding is optional

The Order of Guild Wars

Dung King

Speak to the Dung King to learn how to start a guild battle. He is located in the southeast corner of Elim City at the Order of Knights.

There are 2 ways to challenge a battle:

  1. In the guild menu, right click guild battle. Use the guild battle window to enter you opponent guild's name.
  2. Right click on the opponent's guild member/ guild mater's character to challenge a battle.

Guild War Request

Guild A master invites Guild B master to join Guild Wars


Guild B master accepts the challenge

Terms of War

Both Guild A and Guild B masters will be teleported to the Waiting Map (temp. name) to talk to a NPC to start making the desire setting/map for Guild Wars
After the setting is done, both masters will be sent to the Guild Wars Map. You'll only have 5 minutes to prepare, and your guild members will be summoned

Calling the Cavalry

The members of the 2 guilds will have have a window appear asking if they wished to join the Guild Wars

To War!

Once the members have accepted the challenge as well, they can be teleported to the Guild Wars Map from the Waiting Map by talking with the NPC called Battleline at the Battle gate to enter the map
Guild members that weren't logged in can participate in the battle as lon as they log in whithin the wait time.

Guild Wars Types

Death Match

No rules whatsoever, just kill the other team to increase KO points. The battle will end when the KO point total is reached or if time runs out!

Pride of the Guild

(Capture the Flag concept) Players will bring the ‘Stone of Pride’ (temp. name) to either the starting point of their own base or enemy’s to exchange for the KO point; if the player brought their ‘Stone of Pride’ to their own base, it will add 10 KO points to them, if the player brought the ‘Pride of Stone’ to the enemy base, it will drop 30 KO points for the enemy.

  • About ‘Stone of Pride’
  1. To get the stone, destroy the Symbolic Objects in the map
  2. Each player may only carry one stone at a time
  3. When a player carries the stone, his/her moving speed will go down to a ridiculously level, around -200 mspd. Generally it'd be better to give it to a knight/cleric since the protecting of the stone carrier is essential
  4. If the player carrying the stone died before exchanging for point, the stone will disappear

Guild Wars Maps

Waiting Map

This is the map where the guild master will make the setting and where the members will stay before entering the map for real battle

Death Match Maps

The below are the maps that can be selected when playing Death Match mode

Ancient Battlefield

Ancient battlefield

The Ultimate Battlefield

Ultimate battlefield

Field of Dream

Field of dream

Pride of Guild Maps

The below are the maps that can be selected when playing Pride of the Guild mode

Ancient Battlefield of Pride

File:Ancient battlefield of pride.jpg

Icy Battlefield

Icy battlefield

Result of the Guild Wars

  • When the battle ends, the side with the most KO point will be the winners
  • If the guild master surrendered before the battle ended, the guild will lose regardless of their KO points (according to silent_knight's information, there's not surrender function for Guild Wars, this part will be updated once testing is made in eSO)
  • If when the battle ended both side had the same amount of KO points, it will be a draw and a final battle will start after that; whichever side gained a certain amount of KO points (the amount can be set) will be the winners
  • When a guild lost, the bidding they had made will be instantly transferred to the other guild’s guild storage