How to create a Guild

  • Go to Elim and speak with the NPC Knight Lionel.
  • Lionel will give a list of options. Choose the first option which is "I want to make a guild".
  • Lionel then asks if one is willing to pass his test to create a guild. Choose:
    • "Accept"
    • "I'll think about it..."
  • When the player chooses "Accept", he will receive a guild test certificate in the inventory from Lionel.
  • After that, Lionel will give the player several options to pick from. Choose the second option which is "I would like to take the guild test."
  • Lionel will explain all the rules and regulations about the guild test and asks if the player is ready. To confirm, pick the first option which is "I am ready!".
  • About the guild test
    • The player may not bring healing items that heals more than 300 HP/AP.
    • The player can party with friends (must be within the level range) to do the test together.
    • Level range of monsters: 10 levels, i.e. 30~39, 40~49, 50~59, etc.
  • Once The player confirms the choice, Lionel will teleport the player to a place with 4 to 5 monster of the same type. The monsters are dependent on the player's level. The guild test's objective is to kill the monsters within the area until one receive a certificate which will be shown in the inventory.
  • Return to Knight Lionel with the certificate and a guild can be made.

Capacity of Guild

The Guild Master's Level affects the amount of upgrades he can buy for the guild. Upgrades include increasing the capacity of the guild or the guild's Level.

Capacity Cost Level of the leader
10 people 500K 30
15 people 1M 40
20 people 50
25 people 60
30 people 18M 70
35 people 130M 80
40 people 90
45 people 100
50 people 110

  • If the Guild Master decides to expand the capacity for the guild, he does not need to disband the guild and recreate. All he needs to do is to pay the full cost for that capacity.
  • When a guild is dissolved, anyone from that guild cannot create a new guild within 168 hours, or cannot join another guild within 72 hours after leaving, being expelled, or disbanding the guild.
  • To speak to members of your guild, precede your messages with @ in the message window. Any text following it @ will be sent towards the channel of guild. You can set your chat to guild only by click the Guild button to the left of the chat window or by pressing Home until Guild is highlighted.
  • Each 10k worth of experience equals 1 guild point. Guild points are used to level up a guild and buy positions.
  • Guild points can only be managed by the leader at the NPC Lionel in Elim.

Guild Rank

Guild Ranks can be purchased after reaching guild level 3. Everytime Guild Master doing guild slot expansion, Guild Rank will be adding automatically.

Rank Rank Title Members with the Title Level Restriction Advantages Price in Points
1 Member Based on Guild Capacity None None None
2 Baron Half the Members 50 Able to form Clan Parties 100
3 Count Half the Barons 60 Guild Missions 300
4 Marquis Half the Counts 75 Able to recruit new members 800
5 Duke Half the Marquises 90 Able to expel members 2000
6 Guild Leader One None Commence Guild Wars None

Example, 50 members, it can have 13 Barons, 6 Counts, 4 Marquis, 2 Duke and Guild Leader.

Clan Party

Clan parties can be created by people who have the rank of Baron or higher. The leader of the party will be able to cast party skills, such as Group Speed Up from Jesters, and the whole party within range will receive its benefit.

Guild level Required GP til next level Functions
1 1->2:500 Able to recruit and expel members
2 2->3:2000 Able to redirect leader position and open guild storage
3 3->4:6000 Able to create guild emblems and purchase guild positions,
Can Recieve Guild War requests
4 4->5:12000 Able send a guild war challenge
5 5->6:20000 Unknown
6 6->7:38000 Unknown

Guild Emblem Creation

Emblem menu
Here is a list of emblem faces and backgrounds along with prices. GP Means Guild Points (Received by members who donated exp).

To have an emblem, the guild must be Level 3 and above and you must first put cegel in guild bank. Emblems can only be created by the Guild Master.

Emblem Faces

Here is a list of icons available for the face of the emblem.
Emblem faces

Background Templates

Here are the sample Background templates (The white/black areas stay white/black. the rest will be colored in with background colors)
Emblem Background

Background Colors

Here are the background colors to go with the templates.
Emblem colors

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