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| Grace of Neza || Grace of Neza || || || || 45 || || 10 || || || 67506 || 90
Grace of Neza is an Accessory.
Lvl Dmg Def Magic Pwr Aspd Acc Crit Evade Mspd
90 None None 45 None None 10 None None


Can be refined using Mystic Stone by Greywind in Adel Monastery

Dropped By

Year 315 Laywook Forest Quest. Refine Grace of Vinagh using 1 Mystic Stone

Purchased From


Made From: (Scrolls)

Grace of Neza
Grace of Neza
Normal / G / DG / XG
Purchase Price Unknown
Sale Price Unknown
Level Req. 90
Fame Req. 67506
Refine No

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