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What is a G Equipment?

How to get G Equipment?

The most common ways to get a G equip are the following
  1. Certain G equipment will drop from the monster at a rare chance. Monsters only drop normal equips or G equipment.
  2. Made from using Craftman’s Refine Skill + the G refine scroll. Equips must be refined to +7 or above to be crafted into a G/DG/XG equipment. The scrolls required for G equipment are usually very expensive.
  3. When a Craftman crafts something, there’s always a very small chance that he/she will get a G version of that item instead of a normal one (i.e. Was crafting Burning Tail, but turn out to be Burning Tail.G).

How do we get the DG/XG item?

  • DG and XG item can only be made from Craftsman by trying to G refine a G/DG item again.

Benefits of using G item

  • Like stated before, G item does not require any stat to wear beside level and job.
  • The below charts are the stat point increases when upgrading an item to G level or even further:

Armour & Accessory Stat Increment Chart


Weapon (damage increase from +0~+12) Increment Chart


  • Note – P. ATK means Physical Attack, M. ATK means Magical Attack.
  • Note2 – When G refine an item, it will only add M. ATK if it originally has M. ATK point on it.

Explanation of G. Items

  • G items will break at +7 to +8 rather than +8 to +9 which is for normal items.
  • This is just a quick list of information, some of the information might be wrong. It might not be called G, DG, and XG either, it is called G, G+, and G++ in Chinese Seal Online
  • Note: G items DO NOT require stats to wear, only levels. So G armors are usually needed for pure builds since they don't require any stats.

How to refine XG item successfully

It’s gonna be quite complex from here on

4 Parts to this section:

Part 1 – How to G Refine an item successfully in steps


Step 1:

  • Ok, so the above is where we got an example or trying to upgrade a Burning Tail.G to DG level.
  • By looking through the “Supportive Materials PT amount Chart” (please look below later in detail)
  • We found that Pink Diamond’s PT is 10 each, +6 Dusk Top .G (knight)’s PT is 15, +6 Dusk Bottom .G (knight)’s PT is 15, adding them together will get us 10+10+15+15=50(PT).

Step 2:

  • Now, by using the “JP G-Refine Calculator”, we found that by using the 7th G scroll (allows u to refine items that’s below level 91, and 4 supportive materials allowed) to refine an item to DG level, 1PT = about 1.4% of success rate.
  • NOW, by multiplying the amount of PT from supportive materials & the % rate we just got for 1PT, we get: 50(PT) * 1.4% = 70(%); by using the 7th G scroll, the minimum success rate before putting any supportive materials is 20%
  • (I will list the other G scroll’s success rate as well later at below), so we add 20% and 70% from the supportive, we get 90%, and THAT IS the success rate you get for putting the 4 materials in this example.
  • (Complicated? I know…took me about 3 days to finally figure it out =”=)
    • You cannot G refine an item unless it’s +7 or above
    • (The more is +, the success rate will be slightly higher
    • For the supportive materials, normal equips need to be at least +6 while XG equips need to be at least +5 to be used
    • On Seal Online Eternal Destiny International Server. The refine rate for refining into G,DG,XG items is now 100%. Just like announce today 8 September 2011 in the official seal website. You can see it here
    • On Seal Online Eternal Destiny International Server. Refinement Manual(G) 14 and higher, the item should be +9 or higher. Duomith have the screenshots for that, You can see it here

Part 2 – Minimum Success Rate & slots of Supportive Materials available for each G scroll

  • As there’s too many information, to speed-up this part, I will only list the Success Rate and slots of Supportive starting from 5th G scroll.
  • 1st ~ 4th G scrolls/the stat/level requirement/materials needed for G scroll will not be listed, please look those up in other parts of wiki*


Part 3 – Amount of PT for all Supportive Materials

There is a formula to count how many points you need to get 100% in success rate. (Thx for Duosmith , it's in Indonesian language though).

The formula is :

Save Points

  • Remember! All Equip needs to be at least +5 to use as a catalyst*



To use weapon, it's advised to be on +7



Level = +5 +6 +7 +8 +9 >>> G+5 G+6 G+7 G+8 G+9
157~168 = 12 13 14 18 24 >>> 25 27.5 30 37.5 50
169~182 = 13 14 15.5 19.5 26 >>> 26 28.5 31 39 52
183~195 = 13 14 15.5 19.5 26 >>> 27 29.5 32 40.5 54
196~200 = 14 15 16.5 21 28 >>> 28 30.5 33.5 42 56

- All Cata 178-184 (Cata 18x Equipment)
+5 26pts
+6 27pts
+7 28.5pts
Weapon Lv 182 (cata 18x Weapon)
Ultima :
[+5 25pts]
[+6 27.5pts]
[+7 30pts]
[+8 37.5pts]
Geoheaven :
[+5 25pts]
[+6 27.5pts]
[+7 30pts]
[+8 37.5pts]
GS of Tianlong :
[+5 21pts]
[+6 23pts]
[+7 25pts]
[+8 31.5pts]
Seiryuu :
[+5 21pts]
[+6 23pts]
[+7 25pts]
[+8 31.5pts]
Hephaestus Fist :
[+5 20pts]
[+6 22pts]
[+7 24pts]
[+8 30pts]
Celestial Stave :
[+5 20pts]
[+6 22pts]
[+7 24pts]
[+8 30pts]
Laurel Wreath :
[+5 34pts]
[+6 37pts]
[+7 40.5pts]
[+8 51pts]
Shield of Dawn : [+5 26pts]

Thx to Artisan (Seal Online Eternal Destiny) for the complete cata points

Part 4 – JP G-Refine Calculator, how to use it

Look for the picture below, don’t bother with the middle section, so I removed them:
(The link is here -


So what’s the downside of G item?

The only thing I can say is that they’re expensive and really hard to make, or at least frustrate you while doing so; you will need to consider a lot of things before you G refine most of your equips, like how long you’re gonna last with this items, is the cost worth it. And also if you’re not a pure-stat character, it’s best not to G-refine your items at early level, it will only suck your money out fast~


Do not copy this to other sites without BliztEverywhere's permission. Thanks.

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