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The teleport command for this map is /Herkaus Forest, it may cost 150.000
Connected Maps Monsters

West of Laywook Forest
West of Laywook Forest (West)

Super Hard Radish, Succubus, Incubus, Head of Dullahan, Body of Dullahan, Kinbara, Dullahan

Herkaus, Strange Crow
Sage Herkaus Quest
Rare Items
Blacksmith Items
Fantasy Glue Tree(A) : Really Hard Shell, Tattoo, Peat
Fantasy Glue Tree(B) : Soul of Jester, Soul of Holy Knight, Peat
Round Cedar :Hot Blood, Dullahan's Sweat, Peat
Round Vine : Soul of Swordsman, Dullahan's Sign, Peat
Impure Stone : Ceramic, Brown Coal, Peat, Anthracite, Crystal

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