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Forest of Cross can be reached normally from Downstream of Glasis River. The player can also talk to Strange Crow at Forest of Herkaus with a Gold and be teleported onto this map. The teleport command for this map is /cross forest.
Connected Maps Monsters

Downstream of Glasis River
Downstream of Glasis River
Forest of Herkaus
Forest of Herkaus
Mt. Cross
Mt. Cross

Gariel, Mariel, Wood Wood, Holy Cow

Rare Items
Blacksmith Items
Impure Stone : Fallen Spirit, Rusty Gear, Lignite, Brown Coal, Bituminous Coal, Crystal, Ruby, Diamond
White Stone : Fallen Spirit, Minotaur's Passion, Bituminous Coal, Brown Coal, Ruby
Fantasy Grandpa Tree : Fallen Spirit, Shameless Wooden Board, Peat
Round Vine : Fallen Spirit
Round Cedar : Shameless Wooden Board, Peat
Fantasy Umbrella Tree : Gariel's Feather, Cow Skin, Peat
Dry Tree : Mariel's Feather, Cow Skin, Peat
Fantasy Cloud Bridge Tree : Gariel's Feather, Mariel's Feather

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