|style="text-align:center;"| Fake Pass Quest ||style="text-align:center;"| Hermes ||style="text-align:center;"| 10000 ||style="text-align:center;"| ||style="text-align:center;"| ||style="text-align:left;"| Blue Crystal (Arena) x3

Start NPC:

Hermes - Arena Zone

Quests Needed:

None Needed

Repeatable: Yes

Exp: 10000
Others: Blue Crystal (Arena) x3

Previous Quest: None
Next Quest: None


  • Talk to Hermes to get the Fake Pass to enter the Prison.
Fake Pass
  • Talk to the Event Girl to get the Broken Summon Stone, and search for the other piece of it.
Event Girl

(Note: Instructions should only be followed when you reach a intersection)

1. Take the one on the right. [Three Paths in front of you]

2. Take the one on the left. [Two Paths, one forks to the left]

3. Take the one on the left. [Two Paths, one forks left, one forks right]

4. Head Straight and turn left on the second last opening. [Multiple Forks ahead]

5. Turn Right when you can.

(Should be in a room with a circle in the middle)

6. Head across the room into any of the exits on the far side.

7. Turn Left and head straight.

8. Turn Right when you can.

(Should be in another room with a circle in the middle)

9. Walk along the right-hand side.

10. Turn Right on the second exit. (The first one is blocked anyways)

11. Turn Left when you can.

12. Take the furthest exit on the left. [Four Paths, three forks left and one heads straight]

13. Turn Left.

14. Keep walking, stay on the right-hand side.

Take the Piece of Summon Stone before you exit. Head back to Hermes.

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