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Elim is the capital of Shiltz and houses the Royal Palace. To strengthen the city, the Royal Palace is often looking for people of abilities. This city has the highest population density.

Those with dreams of becoming a Knight or Priest travel here to realise that dream.

Terrain Flat, Grassy Description To warp back to Elim type /elim
Classes Knight, Mage and Priest. Recommended Lv. All
Warp Areas North: Travia Valley
East: Mount Travia
West: Upstream of Glasis River
South: Eastern Red Soil
Buildings Order of Knights, Mage's Association, Library, Church, Bank x 2, Tower of Training, Items Shop, Weapons Shop
Townmap Elim

Townmap of Elim

Main Buildings

Elim Order of Knights Order of Knights
This is where all knights go for their class quest. Mercs is more like a title for more quests and such regardless of your original class.
Elim Mage's Assocciation Mage's Association
Mages learn their skills here, whether they choose to be fire or ice.
Elim Tower of Training Tower of Training
This is where Knights can learn their skills.
Elim Tavern Tavern
Low level Food and water are sold here for HP and MP recovery.
Elim Quest Center Quest Center
Turn in Low Level Quest Items to the quest manager.
Elim Library Library
All the vast knowledge of Shiltz can be found here.
Elim Church Church
Priests come to learn their skills and buy their armor and weapons. Also you can find River the couples NPC.
Elim Item Shop Item Shop
Advance Healing items are sold by the NPC inside.
Bank of Elim Bank
May Learn the bank skill as well as deposit items and money.
Elim Equipment Shop Equipment Shop
Purchase weapons and armor for Knights, Mages and Priests.
Elim Royal Knight's Association Royal Knight's Association
Nothing is known about this building at this time.
Travel Agency Travel Agency
Find Marco the Appraiser here to uncover hidden options in items you hunt in the world of Shiltz.


All merchants

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