East of Laywook Forest
If there's anything relevant to say about the map
Connected Maps Monsters

West of Laywook Forest
West of Laywook Forest
Adel Monastery
Adel Monastery

Baby Bear, Mama Bear, Papa Bear, Blue Plumber, Joe the Kick Boxer, Forest Ogre, Flora, Glora

Book of Prophecy Quest (Book 10 and 11)
Rare Items
Blacksmith Items
Regular Impure Stone : Fish Bone, Steel, Amethyst, Lignite, Bituminous Coal, Crystal, Ruby
Green Pine Tree : White Fur, Mother's Heart, Peat
Dry Tree : Blue Dye, Father's Good Old Days, Peat
Fantasy Twist Tree : Father's Excuse, Anthracite
Round Vine : Motherly Devotion, Respect, Clean Water
Fantasy Glue Tree : Really Hard Shell, Tattoo, Peat

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