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Obtained by killing Lioner.

>>See Duran Signature Quest

1. Have skill emoticon

2. You Have to be the [[Militia Member]]

3. Talk to NPC Jack in Militia Lime

4. You will be given a Quest to Crude Cave to search for NPC Cordelia

5. Go back to jack and you will be got an militia emoticon

6. Go to elim bar and talk to NPC Rosanne

7. Show the Duran Picture and she ask you for a Silver

8. Give a Silver to her and go to NPC Janet at Lime (Militia Lime)

9. Choose all the option and he will giving you a eagle crest emoticon

10.Talk to NPC Slay (in the front of NPC Central Mission Lime) and he asking for a Gold (drop from Crow)

11.Give it to him and he will not talking anything that we need

12.Go back to NPC Rosanne at elim Tavern and she will ask you to go to Adel Monastery

13.When you arrive at Adel talk to NPC Wagon Driver and go to any town (just choose any town)

14.You will warped to 315 years

15.When arrive you will saw a Lioner (Lv.57)... Kill it...

16.After killing Lioner...back to Adel Monastery and warp to any town (just like in instruction number 13 above)

17.You will see NPC Lioner and talk to him... And Taa-Daa... You get Duran Signature

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