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If there's anything relevant to say about the map
Connected Maps Monsters

Glasis Plains
Glasis Plains
Forest of Cross
Forest of Cross
Mt. Cross
Mt. Cross

Rayshark the 3rd, Bubble Dragon, Giant Octopus, Lizzard Man, Crack Crab

Rare Items
Blacksmith Items
Arrow White Stone : Volcanic Rock, Large Geranium, Iron, Solarstone, Anthracite, Crystal
Arrow Impure Stone : Stone, Forging Rock, Hatching Stone, Crystal of Nixie, Bituminous Coal, Crystal
Round Cedar : White Glove, Piece of Cloth, Peat
Dry Tree : White Glove, Crystal of Star
Swamp Tree : Star Fish, Piece of Cloth, Peat
Shield Tree : Fiber Optics, Mark of Neza, Peat
Dead Tree : Star Fish, Rice Powder, White Glove

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