Halloween Quest 2012

1. Go talk to Wandering Ghost Jack at Elim Tavern then listen to his story(option #1)

2. After you are done talking take your chest(option #2 will appear if you are done talking to him)

3. Go hunt Grim Reaper ( One Spot for every hour to two hours, scary bales will be popping up in Elim, Madelin and Lime. There are some spawn spots for Grim Reaper in every town)

4. Get your prize from Wandering Ghost Jack (you will get 2 items randomly) (you can get another chest after you talk to Wandering Ghost Jack on option 3, so it means you can save the prize chest then do another one, but you can't save it in bank, because it counts as a quest)

The prize list :

Pumpkin Pie
Money Bag(10k)
Strawberry Candy
Lemon Candy
Melon Candy
Chocolate Candy
Grape Candy
Red Lollipop
Blue Lollipop
Money Bag(150k)
Money Bag(300k)
Money Bag(400k)
Red Chip (Exchange with GM for 100M Cegel)
Growth Booster
Pink Bat Wings Egg
Pink Feather Wings Egg
Messenger Customes Set HTBS

This quest is repeatable

Permanent Event

Golden Chests will drop from bales after October 18 2011 We would like to announce our exclusive new game mode that will be arriving on October 18 into the Unison server. Users who try this exciting new mode will confront a series of incursions within the depth of the eerie lair of Anastasis. Within the deep ruins of Sikara Valley, all players will have to challenge and defeat 20 rounds of intense battles. Every time a party is successful in conqeuring a round, the team will get bonuses, special points and unique coins which can all be redeemed for unique and rare items. This exciting new adventure will be a way for users to work together, communicate and help everyone get stronger and better. Golden Chests now drop from all bales! The bales are swarming the lands of Shiltz and are dropping riches and treasures that were stolen long ago from the imperial vaults of the royal Shiltzian family. These golden chests can contain exclusive items that will be extremely useful on your conquest towards Scariel and Jikael. In order to open these golden chests, a special key is needed and we'll have it available in the item mall very soon! Check out the store and snatch the key to unlock possibly the most useful items in the game. Golden Chest Prizes: See Golden Chest

Taken from [1]

And also unison server are open everyday, kiosk can only be setup in Unison Market

PVP Warzone Event (50 vs. 50) (weekly on Friday 11am PDT)

PVP Warzone Event and What is it? This exclusive event is held by the game masters on a weekly basis. All players will be able to visually see the game masters and communicate with them while the event is in preparation. Users will be requested to stand behind their respective class statue so that teams can be created. Each player will be evaluated by a GM to determine their power, skills, and items. Through this, we two large 50 vs. 50 teams will be formed and battle will take place in our arena zone. The winning team at the end of the event will win exclusive cash items as their prize. This event requires an estimated total time of 3 hours. Please make sure you stay for the entire duration of event to be eligible for the prize.

All players who decide to participate in this event will have to cooperate and listen to the rules and actions of the GM. If a user does not act accordingly, they will be asked to leave the first time, then removed thereafter. == Taken from here

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