Must Learn Skills for Craftsman

Craftsman Ingenuity
Single Certain Hit (Max to Level 5)
Item Appraisal
Specialty as a craftsman (Ex. Produce Weapon and refining, Produce Armor and Refining)

Must Need Accessories (ACC Boosters)

1)BatGuy Mask.XG
3)Burning Tail.XG
4)Tarantula's Sunglasses
5)Dullahan's Helm
6)Soul Collector's Nail.XG

Weapons (No Stats Required)

1)Rascal's Bludgeon
2)Toy Hammer


Suggested Training Locations

Lvl 1-10 (Every Quest you are able to do)
Lvl 10-20 (Red Plumbers(Fire), Flying Pigs, Horses(Tree),
Lvl 20-31 (Wood Golems(Tree), Magician Piya(Magic), Nixie(Water)
Lvl 31-40 (Traveling Cats in Boots(Magic), Crow(Magic), Tarantula(Steel), Pumpkeener(Earth)

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