Cook is one of the few Crafting skills that don't actually require you to have a Manual. There is 2 parts to cooking, the Primary Ingredient and a Secondary Support Ingredient. For the most part you can put any item that is stackable and not edible into the Primary Ingredient Slot. The Primary Ingredient is the most important this determines exactly what you're cooking, (Ex. if your Primary Ingredient is Stem of Radish Stem of Radish the result will always be a Radish Radish regardless of what you put into the Secondary Ingredient Slot)
The Quantity you use of the Primary Ingredient also determines the quantity of cooked product you get. (Ex. if your Primary Ingredient is 150 Stem of Radish Stem of Radish you'll always make 150 Radish Radish if you're cooking is successful)

The Secondary Ingredient Slot can be left empty and still successfully cook an item, but for the most part it's used to raise the success rate. The higher the sellback value of the Secondary Ingredients the higher the success rate. It seems to be a 100% or 0% chance for cooking. Meaning if you Cook multiple times with the same ingredients the result will always be the same.

If you're primary ingredient is 150 Chicken Feather Chicken Feather and your secondary ingredients sellback value is below 100 cegel you will fail 100% of the time. If the Sellback is 100 Cegel or above you will make 150 Meat Meat 100% of the time.

Cokable Items Effect Purchase Sellback
SugarSugar 10 HP 5 2
CandyCandy 10 HP 5 2
EggEgg 50 HP 10 5
PeaPea 50 HP 20 10
HerbHerb 50 AP 17 7
Opened Can FoodOpened Can Food 100 HP 4 2
MeatMeat 100 HP 70 35
MilkMilk 100 AP 100 50
RadishRadish 250 HP 250 125
LiverLiver 400 HP 88 44
MayonnaiseMayonnaise 10 AP 150 75
MushroomMushroom 60 AP 60 30
WheatWheat 150 HP 150 75
BreadBread 200 HP
20 AP
130 65
Red PotionRed Potion 300 HP 200 100
Blue PotionBlue Potion 300 AP 300 150
High Red PotionHigh Red Potion 500 HP 330 165
High Blue PotionHigh Blue Potion 500 AP 500 250
Max Red PotionMax Red Potion 1500 HP 1000 500
Max Blue PotionMax Blue Potion 1500 AP 1500 750
Bear's GallBear's Gall 1000 HP
100 AP
1500 750

Primary Ingredients


CandyCandy Crystal of Star
EggEgg Geranium , Piya's Unfertilized Egg


Pea Shell
HerbHerb Log
Opened Can FoodOpened Can Food Stone
MeatMeat Chicken Feather , Leather
MilkMilk Brass
RadishRadish Stem of Radish


Compression Bandage


Vegetable Oil , Mark of Dean
MushroomMushroom Spore , Mark of Wind


Leaf , Hydrogen
Bread.gifBread Yeast , Illuminating Crystal

Red PotionRed Potion

Armor Pieces , Crow's Feather , Dyes , Nixie's Scale , White Glove , Wooden Board , Blue Dye

Blue PotionBlue Potion

5 Color String , Magic Powder , Mark of Sage , Shiny Thread , Soul of Great Mage

High Red PotionHigh Red Potion

Carbon , Eyeball , Gold , Knight's Crest , Mark of Great Sage , Platinum , Silkworm's Thread , Spider's Poison, Gasoline

High Blue PotionHigh Blue Potion

Fairy Powder , Grain of Sand , Lucky Card , Man's Senility , Motherly Devotion , Piece of Glass , Poisonous Claws , Really Hard Shell . Silver, Vine

Max Red PotionMax Red Potion

 Cactus Flower , Crystal of Nixie , Crystal of Vinagh , Iron Plate , Mithril , Moonstone , Sharp Tooth , Snow Crystal , Soul of Holy Knight , StarfishTitanium, Cat's Whiskers, Hot Sun, Hot Blood, Premium Thread , Fairy's Seduction

Max Blue Potion Max Blue Potion

Solarstone, Bundle of Dreams, Blue Crystal, Mermaid Bubble

Gourmet CookGourmet Cook

Similar to Cook, except your primary ingredient is something edible, and you more or less just improve it.

Gourmet Cooking an item raises the HP and or AP it gives upon consumption. It also lowers the cool down time so you can consume your potions/food nearly instantly.

One difference between Cook and Gourmet Cooking is that your Secondary ingredients can not simply be anything you want, and you require dishware (Bowl, Plate, Ample, Paper Bag) which is purchasable from any Street Merchant.

The following things were copied from a forum about cooking:

I. Getting the Cook Gourment Food skill

Talk to Geoffrey in Zaid. Choose fourth choice (Advance skill) then first choice (Cook Gourment Food). Max this skill to be able to craft all the recipes. Note : Each recipe also has a character level limitation

II. Basic of Cooking Gourment Food

Same as cooking skill, open your skill window(Alt+K), then click on the skill (third skill from right). Cook window will then appear. Drag your first item to the white coloured box, then a list of needed ingredient will show up at the grey boxes. Fill all the ingredients, and you ready to cook. Click "OK" to begin.

III. The Difference From Cooking

This skill has different chance of success than cooking skill, since the ingredients are fixed. Like cooking skill, if you put much recipe and fail, you'll lose them all together, so it's better to cook one by one (though its so boring). From my experience, the success rate is about 50%. Honestly, I can't find the good of making gourment food except for FUN. Don't be dissapointed with the food effect you got ^^.

Update : You can increase success rate by adding more ingredients.

IV. Cook Gourment Food Tips

As I noticed before, you can add more ingredients to get better success rate, but more ingredients will result in more cegel right? So here's some trick: it is also useful if you find it really hard to obtain 1 ingredient, but really easy to obtain the other one.

Usually a recipe has more than one ingredient, you actually don't have to add all the ingredients with same amount. For example, if you find it difficult to obtain Flame Stone, just put it one for make some recipe (eg. use only 1 Flame Stone to cook 50 Gold Carp). But as you use less amount of ingredients than the amount of recipe, the sucess rate will be very low! You can increase it by adding other ingredients more than the recipe.

I'll give you example (tried 4 times and succeeded 3 times):

50 Gold Carp Pastry Recipe : 50 Gold Carp Ingredients : - 1 Flame Stone - 5 Wheat - 300 Egg Output : 50 Paper Bag

V. Gourment Food VS Super Potion

With this skill you can cook 2 different things, first is the food itself, second is super potion. Why super? Because those potions heal the same amount of HP/AP as regular potions, but the cool down time is almost none. So with these pots you can restore your HP/AP very rapidly, perfect for PvP. Too bad the ingredients are hard to get and the creation is not easy too.

VI. Recipes

Name Recipe Item Output to Ingredients
Tofu Pea Plate Forging Rock
Bronze Carp Pastry Bronze Carp Paper Bag Volcanic Rock, Wheat, Egg
Silver Carp Pastry Silver Carp Paper Bag Volcanic Rock, Wheat, Egg
Gold carp Pastry Gold Carp Paper Bag Flame Stone, Wheat, Egg
Bread Wheat Plate Yeast, Egg, Milk
Hamburger Bread Plate Cheese, Meat, Vegetable Oil, Mushroom
Cheese Milk Plate Volcanic Rock, Yeast
Sandwich Cheese Plate Wheat
Catfish Soup Catfish Bowl Clean Water, Salt, Flame Stone, Seaweed
Mudfish Soup Mudfish Bowl Clean Water, Salt, Tofu, Volcanic Rock
Miso Kidney Bean Bowl Pea, Volcanic Rock, Salt, Yeast
Carp Soup Carp Bowl Peat, Tofu, Salt, Nixie's Scale
Here are the Super Potions...
Junction Amphora (300 AP) Blue Potion Ample Bottle Volcanic Rock, Mark of Mage
Potion Amphora (300 HP) Red Potion Ample Bottle Volcanic Rock, Fiber Optics
High Junction Amphora (500 AP) High-Blue Potion Ample Bottle Flame Stone, Illuminating Crystal
High Potion Amphora (500 HP) High-Red Potion Ample Bottle Flame Stone, Crystal of Star
Max Junction Amphora Max Blue Potion Ample Bottle Anthracite, Soul of Great Mage
Max Potion Amphora (1500 HP) Max Red Potion Ample Bottle Peat, Heart of Golem

Note: All the output item can be purchased from potion lady (which sell potions, darts, firecracker, etc).

VII. Collecting Ingredient Tips

You may find some ingredients are really unfamiliar, yes those are not monster drops. You can get them by collecting from rocks/trees (using collect skill). Here are some places where you can get them. I put a screenshot for each item, but you can also hit nearby rock/tree, they ussually drop same items.

These items are pretty rare to drop, you need to be patient to get them. If the rock/tree is still red, keep hitting it until it "breaks". It is similar to killing bale, you need to "kill" it first so it will drop item. Tree and rock also has spawn rate, usualy it will re-spawn after you finished breaking 1 or 2 other resources.

  1. Clean Water, used for making catfish and mudfish soupGo to north of Lime, find tree which covered with snow.
  2. Flame Stone, used for making many recipe.Go to south of Zaid, hit the first rock you find.
  3. Compression Bandage, used for cooking Liver. Go to Temple of Adel/Adel Monastery, then follow the south path.
  4. Cocoon, used for cooking Pea, Go to Temple of Adel/Adel Monastery, then follow the north path. Pass the bridge and go on a little bit. You'll find a place with Kickboxer and Worm-O


Here is new tips for cooking


From experience:

How to read: Result [Amount] : Ingredients and the amounts needed | Ingredients and amount

Bear Gall [100] : Blue Blood of Reptile 100 | Silkworn Thread Dart II 100 Dart III 100
Tofu [300] : Pea 300 | Forging Rock 100
Miso [300] : Kidney Bean 300 | Pea 300 | Vulcanic Rock 300 | Salt 300 | Yeast 300 | Bowl 300
Red Ampora [300] : Red Potion 300 | Vulcanic Rock 300 | Fiber Optic 300 | Ample 300
Blue Ampora [300] : Blue Potion 300 | Vulcanic Rock 300 | Mark Of Mage 300 | Ample 300
High Red Ampora [300] : High Red Pot 300 | Flame Stone 300 | Illuminating Crystal 300 | Ample 300
High Blue Ampora [300] : High Blue Pot 300 | Flame Stone 300 | Crystal Of Star 300 | Ample 300
Cat Fish Soup [300] : Catfish 300 | Flame Stone 300 | Seaweed 300 | Salt 300 | Clean Water 300 | Bowl 300
Gold Carp Bread [300] : Gold Carp 300 | Flame Stone 300 | Wheat 300 | Egg 300 | Paper Bag 300
Max Red Ampora [300] : Max Red Pot 300 Peat 300 Heart Of Golem 300 Ample 300
Max Blue Ampora [300] : Max Blue Pot 300 | Anthracite 300 | Soul of Great Mage 300 | Ample 300
Silver Carp Bread [300] : Silver Carp 300 | Vulcanic Rock 300 | Wheat 300 | Egg 300 | Paper Bag 300
Carp Soup [300] : Carp 300 | Peat 300 | Salt 30 | Tofu 300 | Nixie's Scale 300 | Bowl 300
Silk Carp Soup [300] : Silk Carp 300 | Liver 300 | Miso 300 | Salt 300 | Lignite 300 | Bowl 300

Ample, Paper Bag, Bowl you can buy from NPC.. ^^

Note: That receipt not 100 % success, but about 90 - 95 %. Because you character level give more chance for success.

Note Options: For some rare ingredient (exp. Wheat, Peat, Flame stone, Clean water, etc.) you can decrease that amount, but consequence you should increase another ingredients. The chance for success will decrease/increase accordingly.