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Combo Training
Description : Adds additional damage to combos greatly increasing the critical hit chance.
Requirement : Warrior lvl. 90, Great Sword Combo 2 lvl. 5

Note : You need Book of Elim - Combo Training to learn this skill. Acts as a separate 'critical' modifier (Damage turns purple instead of blue when it triggers). Chance for the passive to activate is assumed to be based on the character's crit rate as well.

Hence the damage formula for this is: Base Damage * Combo Multiplier (the combo motions gives varied damage multipliers) * Crit Multiplier (2x base) * Combo Training Multiplier.

Lvl. req. Skill lvl. SP cost Dmg. Inc.
90 1 12 5%
95 2 12 10%
100 3 12 20%
105 4 12 30%
110 5 12 40%

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