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Knight is the best job to PVE, but the suckest for PvP

The Build for Knight is

2 Str and 1 Agi every level..

This can change if you are going to become a PvPer. If you are going to pvp, i would recommend at least 150 VIT. If you are PvE, then try to do no agi and have full str with 100+ VIT. Make sure you have "G" armor before doing this, because you will not be able to equip it if you have no agi.


Mage is a powerful character with its magic. if you want to make a powerful mage, you have to make a pure int mage. Choose only one element in order to save skill point for later. but if you want to take the other element it is okay too. so it is up to you. Distribute all of the point you get from level up to int. In low level, you have to use Korean costume until 40. After 40 , you can choose which costume do you want to use, ex : school costume, maid costume, birthday costume. you don't have to worry about its staff because the staff above 66 or above nitras staff don't need any requirements. For head gear, you must use Black Ribbon with a great option. For shoe, I suggest you to use wedding shoe or any shoe that have great attack speed. For accessories, you can use Crystal of Snow Princess. In 92 you have to change your accessories to Queen's Bee Wing.


Priest build Priest are friendly foes to be partied or teamed to make work easier for bossing / guild war etc. But not all priests. Fancy seeing a priest which gives S1 Buffs, do you know what does that means? 1STAT BUFFS >.< It means buffs that only adds one stat. Those are BATTLE PRIESTS, and they are much common than full support priests because they are easier to start.

For this build, you will know how to arrange your stats well and in order. Lets start from the battle priest.

BUILD FOR BATTLE PRIEST-= Battle priests can choose to be either pure STR or STR/ equip INT without WIS. They need G weapons in order to survive till 60 easily with/without party.


  • Although their buffs sux, but they do almost the same damage as knights and warriors, despite the attack speed.
  • They can cure theirselves during combat which makes very useful and money saving.
  • They can still assist by giving heals, sometimes their buffs work well too if you are the only priest in the map/party.
  • Can revive dead people.

Don't listen to those rumours about using potions are better, faster and cheaper than using self cure. A lvl 5 self cure can already cure more than 85% of your HP, ( 1600++/2000) White you need 1 max red pot to at least cure 1500. remember, its based on % not amount.

Stats to increase: Pure STR: all to STR, need to have good accurancy and attack speed equips. Suggestions: School uniform, maid costume, bear costume, Bat Guy Mask, Rudolf nose, Orbital mace.G, other non-stat requirement maces. Anything is alright if you are those "ah, nevermind" person.

WHY A FULL SUPPORT PRIEST? (For non-seal cash users this is not reccomended)

  • Although their damage sux, but their bufs rocks and they sometimes don't even need to deal damage, they level up faster even in an EACH EXP party.
  • Easy when lvl 60+ because of bless swing. Can solo.
  • Good helpers for bossing/ guild wars and will often be summoned/ invited to parties. While when STR priests are invited, leaders reaction:"wth..STR priest?"

Why seal cash? -To buy a stat reset of course, and refine potions because you'll need G armour/weapons BADLY, even worse than pure STR priests.

Recommended build:(for seal cash user that buys stat reset at lv60)

Choose to be an equip INT will be better for saving money-wise, keep your WIS low.

lvl 1- 15,all stat to STR stay a beginner till 15, because it gives better accurancy and crit rate with newspaper sword, or you may choose to advance, but still using newspaper sword, to heal during combat. STATS: all to STR SKILLS: self cure, encourage, max mace combo(you'll need it even you are pure support) EQUIPS: stay with red plunger because it gives the best stats at the moment

lvl 16- 45, start to lack of accurancy at lvl 30+,but you get to learn Bless. if you have supporter account, buy some rubies or an AC manual, wear more accurancy armours. STATS: partial to strength, some to VIT if you like. SKILLS:encourage, self cure, bless, mace combo, protect. EQUIPS: stay with cats mace

lvl 45- 60, no problem with accurancy with bless level 5. You will have hard times leveling now because lack of damage, party is good. Till 60, use the stat reset. STATS: all to INT after stat reset, be careful not to click too quickly or you will drag your mouse and mis-add points to AGI or STR instead!!! SKILLS: stay, don't use Skill reset as you'll get one later on (don't need to worry, 2nd job coming, you'll get a reset and EPs)Learn bless swing and max it and revive, AP/HP increasment and level up some skills you like. Once again, DON'T ever buy a skill reset just do delete mace combo skill, I know 18SP is quite alot but you'll need mace combo for a priest LATER ON. EQUIPS, maid uniform, jade club(or whateva name?? forgotten), or you can just stay with bear/ school costume, is okay too. Rudolph nose/ black ribbon highly refined, Talisman/ ninja necklace highly refined, pets/ weapons with MPW opt-ed.. etc.

You'll get the hand of it by 40+ haha, its just a rough basics build.

BUILD+GUIDE from anonymous >.< a priest player though


≥17:01, 1 September 2008 (UTC)Simperheve==Craftsman==

Battle craftsman build

When choosing a craftsman, you might not be choosing it for the ability to create and refine, but rather to show off your strength with a hammer. This build is for people interested in making a craftsman that would be a valuable player in combat, as opposed to a money maker.

You should think about the following stats to add to:

Str - you gotta have a lot of power behind you in order to defeat most enemies in one crush, and its also needed for you to be able to use your equipment. this is the stat that needs to most points.

Vit - having high defense and hp is important for survival in battle, it'll also make you character into a pretty good tank.

Agi - due to the nature of a hammer, your accuracy tends to be low to begin with, but as you progress, the effect should be balanced out. nevertheless, a few points should be added every now and then to keep it up to scratch.

Luk - Quite simply, because you need to be able to equip your armor, but only put on as many points as you need to equip the armor and accesories.

Int- To use skill


Basically, use any weapon you can find, but always take a look at the damage in proportion to the accuracy, keep in mind whether a weapon is worth the accuracy for the damage it deals. Good ideas for weapons at lower lvls are: Anything above the gear hammer in the shops, Toy hammer, Screwdriver, Wrench,


When equipping accesories as a battle craftsman, you should keep in mind what raises damage and accuracy, but the best bet is usually accuracy, since your hammer will be the main damage raiser. A good example of a useful accesory is the glasses, since they give both a defense and accuracy boost.


To maximise your output with battle skills, it is absolutely important to never get any of the refining skills. You should spend points getting the hammer combo lvled early, so that you can focus your attention on deadly blow as soon as you get it. Also, shock treatment is useful, as it stuns your opponent and allows for a uninterrupted finishing blow, or a good getaway.

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