Bank Teller
Bank Teller
Major Towns

Bank Teller

Bank Teller is an NPC.


Bank Teller gets paid from you to take care of your money and goods. You can learn the Bank Skill at Level 8. All the Bank Tellers access the same bank. Depositing into bank is free. However, withdrawing items uses 100 Cegel for every item slot. You'll be asked for a password for the bank. Make you do not forget the password, or you will have to ask a GM for help.

Access the Bank anywhere

If you have a 5th Stage pet, you are able to access the Bank anywhere in Shiltz as long as you have the Bank Skill. However, you can only deposit items or cegels. It costs 5,000 Cegel to access the Bank.

Be careful when you access the bank, if you key in the wrong password. You'll have to pay 5,000 Cegal again to access it again.

Withdrawal will require an Item Mall item - Shiltz Bank Membership Card. It allows you to deposit and withdraw anywhere for 100 times. It costs 200 Seal Cash.

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