|style="text-align:center;"| Baldea Signature Quest ||style="text-align:center;"| D.Heroend ||style="text-align:center;"| 12750 ||style="text-align:center;"| 900 ||style="text-align:center;"| ||style="text-align:left;"|

Start NPC:

D.Heroend - Zaid

Quests Needed:
Repeatable: Not Repeatable

Exp: 12750
Fame: 900

Previous Quest: None
Next Quest: None


  • Talk to D.Heroend and get Baldea portrait.
  • Go Zaid. Move into Clements Mine and wander deep in until you meet Green Hair Elf. This is Baldea.
  • Get her signature and return to D.Heroend.

Note: If you receive a pouch from Baldea called an Orgel then you have the Gold Coin Quest (Wiping out the Ghosts Quest). Drop both the pouch and the Quest from your inventory and your will receive the signature or you can finish the quest first and come back to Baldea later. - Remember always walk to the RIGHT inside the Clements Mine to find Baldea. It is quite complicated so try your best keep walking to the right hand side.

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